Company Overview

Mason & Co – Success Through People.

Company Overview

A high-touch, boutique firm serving new ventures to Fortune 500 companies, Mason & Co Executive Search & Consulting consistently delivers excellence in leadership selection and development, board services and assessment and executive coaching.

We are a national specialty firm, headquartered in Singapore offering Executive Search, Assessment and Executive Coaching.

Our list reflects a practice-specific approach that allow us to focus effectively on niche verticals. Our practices encompass a variety of markets including but not limited to;

  • Infrastructure & Engineering

  • Logistics

  • Digital & Technology

Our deep expertise and broad, active network of successful industry leaders in specific market verticals ensures access to the most desirable and elusive talent in each market. We develop and maintain deep relationships by valuing connection and meaningful communication.

Developing synergy on executive teams through our placements is critically important to us, as is the assistance we provide Boards and CEOs in succession planning, promoting diversity, and supporting development for founders and existing leadership teams.

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