Beware of Job Scams

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To Our Valuable Candidates and Clients,

It has come to our notice that there are increased cases of scams in the hiring scene. Do take note that these people who pretend to be from “MASON & CO PTE LTD” are in no way connected to our company Mason & Co Pte Ltd.

We urge everyone to be careful of such fraudulence cases as they have posed to be a recruiter of the ‘Mason & Co Pte Ltd Company’.

Without our knowledge and permission, they have utilised a fake identity as a recruiter to:
– Lure Potential Job Seekers to a “suitable position” (This includes either a real or fake position vacancy offered through Mason & Co Pte Ltd); or
– Misled Job Seekers to provide their personal information by posting up a fake job advertisement using the name of Mason & Co Pte Ltd.

Potential victims were requested to provide their personal information or even bank account details to make payments. Do take extra caution that no payment information (i.e. copy of a debit or credit card) is required from the Mason & Co-Brand in the recruitment process with our candidates.

To prevent yourself from such traps, these are the steps that you can take to verify the legitimacy of the role published:

  1. Do not provide any form of payment-related information
  2. Contact our Recruitment Agency Immediately (using our Official Contact Details to ask about the Consultant and Job Vacancy.
  3. Alternatively, contact the Potential Employer directly to check if the role offered to you exist.
  4. Ask for the Consultant CEI number to find out if the person is officially registered under the Certificate of Employment Intermediaries as required by the MOM law.

Feel free to contact us at the nearest possible time if you still face any doubt about the job opportunity. Should you suspect that you are a target of a job scam or have already been scammed, please reach out to your local authorities immediately to report the crime.

By filing a report with the local authorities, not only will you protect your family and friends from becoming victims of scams, but you also can help us raise awareness of job scams.

Once again, thank you for your understanding and kind co-operation. Stay safe!

Updated 14 December 2021

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