Mason & Co – Success Through People.

Our process is strategic, carefully orchestrated and sensitively managed by consultants who have the experience and insight to add tremendous value to the recruitment and onboarding process.

At Mason & Co, every assignment begins with our team identifying the needs unique to each client and the development of a candidate slate that specifically meets the needs of the client organization. We think creatively and recruit senior leaders following a disciplined, multi-step process, and communicate frequently with our clients.


We have deep expertise in attracting talent for early, mid-stage, and mature companies, both private and public. We are particularly thoughtful about leadership team composition, and about the importance of providing a diverse candidate mix. Our process is highly collaborative and well-defined, yet agile, which leads to successful search closure within a measured window of time. Our search communication process is high-touch, setting a standard for customer service unique to a boutique firm.

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